Michael Böttcher-Entenmann was born in Cologne in 1973. He studied at the Institute of Geography at the University of Bonn, where he worked intensively on urban and rural structures. Inspired by the interactions between humans and nature, he transferred his knowledge into a photographic form of expression: the interfaces of natural, rural and urban landscapes.

Having grown up in the densely populated Rhine region, Michael Böttcher-Entenmann knows about the displacement of natural space. In his pictures he focuses his view on situational sections and aspects of the landscape. Natural space and anthropogenic traces  are captured with a romantic-aesthetic expression. The authenticity of the pictures is emphasized by the use of natural light situations.

His background knowledge of geography helps Michael Böttcher-Entenmann to analyze the genesis of the landscape as well as persistent structures. This allows him to take different viewpoints, which he expresses using the stylistic and technical possibilities of photography and post-processing.
In his own consulting company Michael Böttcher-Entenmann offers photography in the field of corporate branding, producing photos for catalogues and magazines.

Most of my work is shot with either the Leica SL2, the Leica M10 or the Leica Q2.